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Elayne Masters, Principal
My study of language began early with Greek school and continued with eight years of French (high school to college). Reading? Weekly stacks of library books, the first halfway read on the ride home. Writing? Poetry. At first, the typical teenage variety. Horridly dramatic, poorly rhymed sagas of love and despair. After receiving a BA from Duquesne University, I spent nine years in sales and management. By the late '80s, the allure of the business world had faded. I missed books. I enrolled in a teaching certification program, founded a nonprofit poetry series, and joined writers' groups. 

When a colleague contracted me to write a piece on spinach for an online reading assessment, it all came together. As a consultant, I write and edit a broad scope of materials. Instead of teaching, I write the books teachers use. And I educate people of all ages. Somewhere along the line, I realized that what I am is a nerd. I can talk for hours about comma placement. What jazzes me? Seeing a client's writing—case study or YA novel—come to life. Writing a lesson plan that hooks struggling learners. 
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Word Masters client hits #3 on NYT bestseller list!

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Elayne Masters with Sheryl Johnson of BD PRo Marketing
Thursday, November 21, 2013
About Word Masters

Our dedication to our work and our clients is the key to Word Masters' success. 
You’re our priority, and our job is to craft language that helps you be successful.

Focused on excellence, Word Masters understands and values writing as a collaborative genre that requires merging diverse talents to create the best possible result. Because a successful writer/editor-client relationship is built on respect, skill, and strategic action, we encourage ongoing communication to serve your needs.

Our mission is to use our skills and expertise for the advancement of the writing community, to build relationships with clients, and to teach them to be more proficient in writing/editing. 

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"Elayne at Word Masters is our go-to person for all our writing projects, be it consulting on the ever-changing landscape of the publishing industry, converting published works to ebooks, or guiding us on state-of-the-art marketing plans. She's a consummate professional; knowledgeable, reliable, personable, punctual, and creative, with editorial skills that can only come from being a lifelong poet and wordsmith steeped in the literary world."
Nick Manolukas, Author

“I highly recommend Elayne Masters for 
any and all editing, writing, and research projects. She holds herself to the highest standards, and her work is extremely thorough, thoughtful, and intelligent." 
Lauren Davis, Senior Editor, 
Eye On Education

“Elayne is both a team player and a dynamic professional who wins the 
respect of others through her integrity and unwavering desire to make every document she works with the best that it can be. Her instinctive ability to understand the underlying message the writer/author is trying to convey is extraordinary." 
Carlotta Paige, Paige Community Consultants, LLC

"Elayne Masters from Word Masters is Silverbear Printing and Graphics' editor of choice. When we place authors in her hands, we know they will receive great service, excellent work, and on-time results. Her professionalism and expertise make Silverbear look good, and that is always a plus in our partnership book."
Maggie Robinson, 
Silverbear Graphics
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"Do what you know best" and "Use the right tool for the job," they say.  Word Masters sticks with writing-related services and collaborates with experts in marketing, graphic design, ebook conversion, and related fields to meet your writing and publishing needs.
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