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Word Masters provides a full range of editing services, sculpting and polishing your words so you look your best—online and off. Whether your writing needs a light touch or a heavy hand, we'll impose grammatical accuracy and stylistic consistency to help you avoid embarrassing and / or costly errors. 

Impress agents, clients, and readers. Let our word magic work for you!
Word Masters personalizes affordable, high-quality editing services to meet your unique needs. We'll edit anything from a business card to a full-length manuscript, including
On the page, your writing is a reflection of you as a professional, whether you're an individual author, an English language learner, a small business, a major corporation, or a publishing house. Don’t get caught posting, publishing, or publicizing with a convoluted phrase dragging from your shoe or a typo stuck between your teeth.
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your words are you!

Word Masters adds professional
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competition and helps you avoid
embarrassing, costly​ mistakes. 
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We offer the best in writing-related services at competitive rates.
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Editing Services: WM Wordsculpting
Developmental Editing deals with the formative stage of a manuscript and its content, organization, and presentation. Client and editor work as a team, sometimes from the initial concept, outline, or draft.
Content | Substantive Editing  begins when the writing is finished and in final form. Content editors must consider how the piece holds together as a whole, identify problems, and determine solutions. In fiction a character may act out of character. In nonfiction, an argument may not be adequately supported. Overall clarity, accuracy, flow, and readability are also considered. When content editors reorganize or rewrite the text--or write new text--they must be keenly aware of maintaining the voice of the author.
Copyediting is also referred to as line editing because the text is scrutinized line by line. Working with final or near final textcopyeditors correct individual sentences. They check for accuracy and consistency in spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, usage, and style. Finally, they read for overall clarity and sense.
Proofreading is the last stage of the editorial process, the final polish. Typographical errors that were overlooked--or introduced--along the way are corrected. Proofreaders may compare the most recent stage
of text with the preceding one to make sure that there are no inconsistencies with earlier edits. 
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